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About us

The DES-COIN can be understood as a cryptocurrency stabilised with equivalent value that comprises two components. The acronym "DES" is formed from the terms "Digital", "Equivalent" and "Stabilised". For the purposes of currency hedging, a so-called "FixValue" proportion is formed from the issuing of the DES-COIN, similar to the gold standard previously used for the US dollar. This means that the DES-COIN is the only blockchain currency that possess an inherent value alongside its speculative value.

The blockchain currencies that are currently located on the market – including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others – determine their market value solely via the principle of supply and demand. This is particularly due to strict decentralisation. These currencies are referred to in specialist terms as digital fiat money, i.e. they neither have a fundamental value, nor are they attached to a promise of payment. By implication, in the event of decreasing acceptance, this leads to radical depreciation or even a complete loss in value. In the case of the DES-COIN, inherent value is generated through the profitable investment of issued capital. This means that the DES-COIN is unable to suffer a complete loss. The maximum price correction can only occur up to the FixValue level.

Who we are

DES-Capital Technologies Ltd. invests in profitable projects and investment products with experienced partners. By pooling capital resources, investments and conditions can be optimised and scaled, something that would be impractical or impossible for the individual investor. The returns are continually reinvested and ensure FixValue growth.

The DES-COIN is more resistant to external market influences, since a stabilising equivalent value is created.

The issued DES-COINs represent, in the broadest and most abstract sense, a finite number of shares in the enterprise. The DES-COIN can thus be classified as the only sustainably developing utility token.

Thanks to the opportunity to sell the shares peer-to-peer on the trading platform, the DES-COIN is just as flexible as a conservative money market account or a simple current account. On the other hand, by means of the investment, it offers considerable performance with returns that can be classified as a long-term, high-interest fixed investment product or a high-performance equity fund.

Furthermore, transactions of any amount can take place in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world via a peer-to-peer payment function.

The DES-COIN company voluntarily undergoes audits by an independent auditing institute at regular intervals. This institute audits the investment strategy as well as its performance efficiency and evaluates the FixValues on the basis of the results.

Registration and use

You can register using a SponsorKey that is available to you and your e-mail/password combination.

The SponsorID number identifies you within the structured sales network and constitutes the SponsorID for future users enlisted by you. This enables a consistent sales network to develop in which there are no indeterminate members. Thanks to this structured sales network, an efficient and fair sales system is guaranteed. The individual participants receive a share of the profits for their own activities, as well as for the successes achieved by their subordinates as a result of their coaching.

The sales fee for DES-COINs always paid by the seller. The seller has already generated returns on their upstream investment, and reciprocates by giving back a portion of their success in the form of the commission payment. The commission is then distributed linearly across the entire buyer-seller network. In contrast to the buyer, the seller has already generated personal returns and, by means of the commission payment, gives a portion of their successful investment back to the community that has provided them with the opportunity for their success. In total, this portion amounts to 10% of the sales volume of the trade. The fee is always paid in DES-COINs.

Trading platform and functions

In general, there have been two ways of trading DES-COINs up until now: The bidding process and the direct trading process.

From the beginning of April, however, these will be replaced by fully fledged stock exchange software.

The bidding process functions similarly to an auction. The seller determines the sales volume, the starting price and the length of the bidding. Upon conclusion of the bidding period, this volume is awarded to the highest bidder.

The bidding process does not produce a directly predictable sales value, only a minimum price. In the direct trading process, the volume and sales price are already defined. The offer is awarded to the first person who accepts it.

The DES-COINs are stored and secured in central wallets. Therefore, the user does not need external wallets or ledgers.

The user front end is designed in such a simple way that no extensive specialist knowledge of blockchain or finance is required to guarantee secure operation. All you need is your login details.

Due to the collection of sales fees, no additional fees are required on the platform, which also makes it a convenient capital storage facility for consumer products.

At present, the DES-COIN is only traded via its own platform. The corporate code prohibits acceptance of or investment in foreign cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, the trade of other cryptocurrencies against the DES-COIN can only take place outside the trading area of the DES-COIN platform, insofar as a supplier makes this possible.